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Why Langella Group

and passion.

Our family operates in the field of car rental, Motocarri and advertising media from 1990. From 2009 We specialize in the field of itinerant marketing, chosen as suppliers by renowned companies especially in the street food catering sector.

24 hours/7 days.

Our staff guarantees customers a constant and attentive service from the initial preventive phase and during the duration of the rental of a vehicle: always available 24 hours on 24 for consultancy, logistics and assistance.

Wide Choice
and quality of the media.

We boast a fleet of 70 vehicles of various kinds. Most of the vintage rental vehicles are our personal collection, which is constantly revised.

Noleggiamo splendidi motocarri e veicoli d'epoca per eventi, esposizioni, scenografie ed allestimento vetrine

Scopri di più

Our customers say

“Excellent service, efficient and well cared for, qualified and helpful staff at all times”

Massimo Innocenzi

Auto Assistance - Milano - Settembre 2014

“It was a pleasure to meet you, with the super Ape that we chose for our event”

Sabrina Albano

Spazio Aries - Milano - Settembre 2016

“Beautiful Apecar shop, really original and attractive, it worked great!”

Diffusione Tessile - Febbraio 2017 - Genova