Big screen truck

The BIG SCREEN TRUCK is an innovative and multifunctional means, a real television studio. This is a surprising advertising system with high-resolution LED maxiscreen, with hydraulic lifting and rotating supports that guarantee a spectacular vision even by large public. No additional scaffolding is required, not even for set-up and dismantling (eg crane or forklift); no additional power supply, no extra cumbersome weight for windproof constructions; no further space for technical material. The vehicle is totally autonomous, with a fast set-up time of 20 minutes, it can be arranged according to the customer’s real needs, taking into account sound, echoes and positioning in any square or even indoor location, for events of every type.
Technical features:

  • Eurocargo truck with giant screen Led Wall structure with 50,000 pixel resolution;
  • Screen dimensions 4 x 3 meters, Tecnovision, demountable;
  • Hydraulic system support for a secure positioning on any flooring;
  • Hydraulic lifting system, up to 4 meters;
  • Half completely brandizable;
  • Hydraulic rotation system that allows a 180 ° rotation;
  • 32 kWh power generator on board for independent operation;
  • Control cabin with 1 PC + 1 spare PC and air conditioning;
  • Integrated audio system;
  • Satellite down link for Live TV broadcast;
  • Video playback of any format: Betacam, DV-CAM, DVD or any other wireless video transmission.

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