Ape car for marriage and dedications

Is it your day? You deserve a special means!

“It was February 1990 when the new spouses Langella Farina, who left from Salerno, arrived in Milan on board their Ape Car Piaggio 175. It was their honeymoon of over 850 km in various stages: the vehicle had been given by parents, great fans of vintage vehicles, just for their wedding. “ From here begins the story of the Langella Family, from a special honeymoon, from two newlyweds a little crazy!?!? If you want to make your wedding special (or are you just a little crazy too !?) we are sure we will find the best solution.

The vintage bee cars, collected for decades by the Langella family and jealously guarded, are much requested by the spouses for their wedding: their unique and ironic charm always manages to make that fantastic day even more special! It is possible to customize the vehicles as you prefer, with graphics, objects or special arrangements, such as videos or photos provided by the couple and friends, or ask for the Langella staff’s advice to create creativity and settings according to needs. These beautiful vehicles will be the background of the most original photo albums!
In addition to renting the bee car for the wedding, Langella “APE car of the HEART” are original and likeable solutions for dedications and messages of all kinds: on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary or special ceremony, they can be customized by exploiting the advertising wing mounted on vehicles, even in the shape of a heart. They also mount an audio system and 2 screens from which to play the favorite soundtrack and your videos or souvenir photos.


The Calessino was founded in 1948, conceived as a “fusion” between the legendary Apecar and Vespa by Piaggio. The success was immediately enormous, first in Italy and then in the world, especially in Asian countries. Today there are less than 1000 pieces: the Langella family lovingly guards its CALESSINO AB3T (homologated 3 places) and rents it to all those who want to make truly unique the day of their wedding!

Finally, the “TRUCKS of the DEDICATIONS”, to give space on a great sail to all your liking: an original marriage proposal? a spiritual dedication to your dear one? or a joke to your best friend? The Langella sailing trucks are waiting for you.

Services on request:

✅ Preparation and graphic personalization of the vehicle with graphics supplied or realized by the technical staff.

Rental conditions:

✅ Ape car hire: € 700 deposit.

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