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Give your customers a smile! Rent an Ape car Langella for your event

Ape car and motorbikes are our true family passion: from the 90s we started to bring our vehicles to Milan and create a real Collection. These splendid vintage vehicles, both in their more historical versions and in modern models, are in great demand during exhibitions, fairs and original events, able to attract the public with their great charm and sympathy. Accompanied by the right promotional strategy and possibly customized with graphics and impact settings, they help to surprise their audience and stimulate them to take actions.
The vintage Ape car are also in demand by the bride and groom to make their wedding day even more special. They can also be used to animate a private party of any kind: as a food corner for a ceremony, or as a showcase for products during a corporate event. We are sure we will stimulate your imagination and help you to surprise your customers, guests and friends. From our collection of vintage vehicles, we also rent other types of motor-cycles, as well as historical motorbikes and bicycles, as splendid choreographic elements for photo shoots, video and film shoots. In the same way, shops and various businesses, including restaurants and clubs, rent our vintage vehicles as elements of a shop window that really wants to attract the attention of passers-by or a lounge or atrium of a location open to the public.

Design your Ape car with us!

The customer, in addition to the rental of the vehicle, can also request advice and supply of accessories and ad hoc equipment, in addition to the customization of the vehicle with graphics provided or made by the Langella technical staff. It is also possible to request the supply of external fittings for the public, such as any supports, covers, seats, etc. In the estimate stage, the specific needs of the client are examined and the best solution is studied together. The Langella staff guarantees a dedicated service from the initial estimate phase and throughout the relationship, available every day, 24 hours a day, both for one-day and long-term collaborations, in Milan and throughout Italy.

Services on request:

✅ Supply of accessories and interior fittings; ✅ Supply of external fittings for the public, such as gazebos, chairs, tables and any covers; ✅ Graphic customization of the vehicle with graphics provided or created by the technical staff. Rental conditions: ✅ Verification of the client’s personal documents; ✅ Deposit from € 700 to € 5,000 on all rental vehicles.

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