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Langella vehicles are widely used by merchants, street vendors and restaurateurs for the sale of products of various kinds. The bee cars are always the most requested solution for their vintage charm, sympathy and attractiveness towards the public, both for the compactness and functionality of the vehicle. As a “shop” they have been used for a variety of product sectors, from clothing to crafts, from cosmetics to the sale of flowers and plants, in classical settings such as markets, fairs and traveling events, as well as in special environments and settings. interior of hotel or showroom.
The customer, in addition to the rental of the vehicle, can also request advice and supply of accessories and ad hoc equipment, in addition to the customization of the vehicle with graphics provided or made by the Langella technical staff. It is also possible to request the supply of external fittings for the public, such as any supports, covers, seats, etc. In the estimate stage, the specific needs of the client are examined and the best solution is studied together. The Langella staff guarantees a dedicated service from the initial estimate phase and throughout the relationship, available every day, 24 hours a day, both for one-day and long-term collaborations, in Milan and throughout Italy.

Services on request:

✅ Supply of accessories and interior fittings; ✅ Supply of external fittings for the public, such as gazebos, chairs, tables and any covers; ✅ Graphic customization of the vehicle with graphics provided or created by the technical staff. Rental conditions: ✅ Verification of the client’s personal documents; ✅ Deposit from € 700 to € 5,000 on all rental vehicles.

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