Rent Ape car street food

The flagship of the Langella range are definitely the bees for food, much sought after by the big brands as an original means of transport, promotion and sale, as well as small activities related to catering and gastronomy for the sale of their products at events and markets, with short or long-term rentals. The Langella staff guarantees a dedicated service from the initial estimate phase and technical assistance throughout the relationship, available every day, 24 hours a day, both for one-day and long-term collaborations, in Milan and throughout Italy.

Design your APE FOOD with us


✅ length 217 cm (20 cm more than the average); ✅ perfect for 3 people; ✅ultra-compact when closed, versatile and practical when open and fitted out; ✅ the telescopic cell rises and lowers electrically, as well as the electric stabilizers; ✅ 220 W power supply with photonic batteries, efficient and resistant, supported by a current converter that guarantees 6 continuous hours of autonomous power supply; ✅ the means adapt to any type of product: hot or cold, fast food, fried, fresh and frozen foods, liquids, beer and beverage dispensers, etc.

Services on request:

✅ Supply of accessories and interior fittings; ✅ Supply of external fittings for the public, such as gazebos, chairs, tables and any covers; ✅ Graphic customization of the vehicle with graphics provided or created by the technical staff.

Rental conditions:

✅ Verification of the client’s personal documents; ✅ Deposit from € 700 to € 5,000 on all rental vehicles.

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